It doesn’t just take a village to support the whole child.

It takes a connected village.

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Abre is the #1 K-12 administration platform to support the whole child.

Get a true 360° view of your students and connect families, staff, and partners on one platform.

Abre cleans up messy EdTech.

Abre's not "one more thing" you have to account for in your school's technology. Built by educators who experienced first-hand the struggle of juggling so many different tools, Abre consolidates and takes tech OFF your plate instead of adding to it.

It’s not enough to unify the classroom.

With half of school happening outside the classroom, the only way to truly support the whole child is by bringing together the whole community: school, families, partners, and administrators.

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Middletown City Schools


“Before Abre, we had to print out all the individual plans, paper after paper. Now it’s all included – our outside supports can access that information, and it’s in real time.”

Melissa Prohaska
Curriculum Coordinator

Key Outcomes

  • A modernized digital system for K-12 school management
  • Real-time data to guide individual educational plans

Cincinnati Public Schools


“Abre helps us let our school board know how many of our students are connected to partners and how many partners we have serving across the district.”

Casey Fisher
Community Partnership Manager

Key Outcomes

  • Actionable data on what programs and partners are doing and which are successful
  • Simplification of community partnerships

of families report increases in anxiety & depression in their K-12 children.

It's never been more important to support the whole child. Abre brings the whole community together to drive student success.